Football Manager 2018 Update – USB Stick PC

Football Manager 2018 Update – USB Stick PC

July 24, 2018 Off By admingud


Football Manager 2018 update supplied on a 16gig USB stick


This is for the USB version of my Football Manager 2018 update.

The update contains the following

180,000 Facepack
2,000 Kits
191,000 Club Logos
16,000 Competition Logos
350 Competition Emblems
1,000 International Logos
490 Updated Flags
1,100 Stadium Images*

The USB stick contains around 400 stadiums but the rest will not fit on to the 16gig USB stick, however the rest can be downloaded from my website free of charge.

The updates on the USB stick will auto install all the updates so no manual work is required.