PES 2019 Update Pre-Order

This page is to pre order my PES 2019 update.  I normally have the first version of the update available before the release date of the game in the UK.  This year I had the first version available on the 12th September the game came out in the UK on the 14th September.

How I get it ready before the UK launch

I do this by purchasing the US version of the game through the Playstation Store, if you want instructions on how to do this then please let me know and I will put a page on how to do this.  The basics to it are that you need a US / North America PSN account which is easy to set up and then you need to buy vouchers to top up the account in $’s.

Most companies will not sell you these vouchers if you are located outside of the US.  However I have a contact at a company who does currently sell to people outside of North America which I will put up a page with the details if people are interested in it.

How to pre order

Payment details will follow shortly.  I need to asses the prices that I can bulk buy USB sticks, the price for the lower end capacity of sticks has gone up quite a bit since last year so I will again try and source from China / Asia to give you the best price possible.  I will as ever also be offering a cheaper digital delivery option where I expect the price to be the same as last year £3.99 as long as my server rental next month for the next 12 months stays the same which I expect it to do so.

Also with the digital delivery items this should work much better with the integration of the new website