PES 2017 Update {Free}

This update is free to everyone

PES 2017 Update Version 8 Contents

Include EPL kits for the 2017 / 2018 season

European International Kits
Missing Champions League team names and kits
Version 3.0 is available now this has the following
Celtic Ranger Aberdeen kits and player
Bundesliga Teams Kits Emblems Players and stats
EPL Kits and Emblems
La Liga Kits and Emblems
Liga NOS Kits and Emblems
Seria A Kits and Emblems
Championship Kits and Emblems
Liga 123 kits and emblems
Serie B kits and emblems
Updated commentary names
Updated team colours
Some Manager names updated
Updated competition emblems
It also has corrected team names for all leagues

PES 2017 Update Video

Below is a video showing the update in action

Version 8 Full Download Links

Please use the appropriate link below

PC Download Link

You will need your serial number to install the update which is below


MAC Download Link

Below is a link to a file which lists all the ID’s of the competition logos and what they should be called. What you have to do is import the logos as shown in the video then assign them one by one to the competion. They are in order so 1 is the premier league 2 is the Emirates FA Cup this is in the same order as they appear in the edit competition menu so just go through them one by one.

Logo Pack ID sheet

If you have downloaded on the PC then just run the app and then select your drive letter of your memory stick and transfer the data.

On the mac just download the zip file and extract the files to your memory stick.

Once extracted you should have one folder on your memory stick called WEPES. Now plug your memory stick into your PS4

Now you need to do the following please read all of the below. PLEASE DO NOT TRY AND IMPORT ALL OF THE DATA AT ONCE OR IT WILL FAIL!

Below is a step by step video of what you need to do to install the main part of the update. But to update the Bundesliga please then do the steps in the Bundesliga video after the first video.

Step By Step Install Video

Bundesliga Install Video