FM 2021 Update


MAC Instructions

For Mac instructions for now please follow the instructions for FM 2020 which are the same for FM 2021 just where it says 2020 type 2021 when extracting the files.

PC Instructions

You can install straight from the USB stick but I do recommend copying the contents to your PC and installing from there to reduce the chance of errors.

Open up the “All Content” Folder and then double click on only the icons that have a computer logo. 

Once you have installed the updates you may need to change the preference settings within the game if you do not see the update.  To do this go to the preferences menu as seen below

Then in the menu type “Cache” into the search box.  Then un check the box “Use Caching”

If you still do not see the images then again go to the search box and type Skin.  Make sure the reload skin when confirming changes is ticked and then change the skin.

PC Downloads

All downloads need to be in the same folder.

I will also be uploading all files to google drive tomorrow.


All packs need to be installed for the faces to show