FM 2020 Mac Install

You need to have a program that will allow you to unrar files in order to install this update. If you currently use one then please use that, if not then I would this one from the apple store

  1. Copy all the files from the DVD’s / USB to your mac they all need to be in the same folder.
  2. Double click on the file called Graphics.Part01.rar depending on what program you are using it may take 5 – 15 minuets before anything happens.
  3. Below is a screenshot of winrar, the default path will be where the files are saved. You need to ensure you change this to where the additional files for the game is stored. In FM 2020 this has change on Catolina so please read below the image for further information

4. On previous versions of the game the files were stored in

Users/YOUR Mac USERNAME/Documents/ Sports Interactive

However on Catalina they are now stored in the below

Users/YOUR mac USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive

However as Mac’s like to be secure by default this folder is hidden! So do the following.

Open Finder

Click Go from the menubar, press and hold down the ‘Option’ key. This will bring up the ‘library’ click to enter then go to ‘Application Support / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2020. I am not fully sure if you can do this through winrar or unarchiver.

So you may need to install the the the old directory and then move them to this one.

So you need to extract the files if possible to the directory explained above. If not extract the files anywhere on your mac so that all the files are held in a single folder called Graphics with all files and subfolders held within this graphics folder.

The end aim is to have this graphics folder within the Sport Interactive/Football Manager 2020 folder. As shown below

Skin Issue

Please note that if you bought or downloaded the update before the 23rd November there is an issue with the Skins, this is due to SI changing the pannels in the default skin.

First delete the existing skins. So go to documents/sports interactive/Football Manager 2020/skins within there delete all subfolders. As shown below

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is skinsis.png

Now install the new skins pack from the below link

New skin pack

In game settings

There are a couple of in game settings to change. So when you load the game up select preferences then in the search box search for the word skin. Then change the settings so they match the below.

Then to apply the game you just need to change the skin in order to be able to view the updates. I will put a download to the new skins at the bottom of this page but you can just select one of the existing skins. You may want to disable allow display of background images until you install one of the new skins otherwise things become hard to read.